Professional mooring system

Easy and safe to use

Easy to unloaded under pressure


HandyDock works as a conventional snap-hook, but with the big difference that it is possible to release even when it is loaded.
The principle is the same as that of the tow hook on a tugboat.
If the vessel they are towing sinks, they must be able to loosen wire quickly even though they are under load.
With HandyDock the mechanism is never under load which means that we can release it any time.

Watch the movie below to discover all the HandyDock application areas.

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  • All of our boat hooks are made of fiberglass tubes that are lightweight, incredibly strong and completely insensitive to salt water. They are also float.

HANDYDOCK is a product from Sweden manufactured by LTC AB – Hortensiagatan 4, 256 68 Helsingborg, Sweden | E-mail: | Telefon: +46 42 – 22 51 70