Professionally mooring system.

Easy and safe to use.

Easy to release

HandyDock is easy to release even when it is loaded.

Many different uses.

Moored at buoys, rings, piles or similar.

Our products.


  • batshake
  • All our poles are made of fiberglass and are lightweight, incredibly strong and completely insensitive to salt water. They are also more pleasant use than the conventional of aluminum.


  • beslag
  • If you already have a bundle poles.


Is there a limit to how small the mooring ring can be?

When you want to moor in a ring such as a buoy or a bridge, it is VERY IMPORTANT! that the ring inside diameter not less than 45 mm.

If the diameter is less than 45 mm, the hook does not move freely when the mooring line are subjected to forces and the risk is then that the hook locking mechanism felbelastas and can be damaged.

How much weight can HandyDuck handle?

HandyDock can handle up to 1.5T direct load.

How big boats can HandyDock handle?

HandyDock can handle boats up to about 20 T

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